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Forum Club Guidelines

All Lakers Nation Forum Club Rules & Guidelines are expected to be followed by all members. Only the Administrators have full rights to modify and/or add to them at any time. All Members, if necessary, will be notified of such changes as they happen. If anyone has questions or concerns about any of the features and/or technical issues concerning the Lakers Nation Forums in general, feel free to post them in the LN Support & Feedback Forum first. For important, personal issues that require immediate attention or if it concerns other members violating the rules & guidelines, please contact the Moderators first. If they feel that the issue needs the attention of the Admins, then we will look into the situation and take action, if needed. I understand that these Rules & Guidelines are long, but we feel that there needs to be better and detailed descriptions of certain Rules & Guidelines so that members can easily find, and understand them, Thanks.

Registrations & Usernames
  • Guests are allowed to view the Boards, Categories, Forums and certain topics, but are not allowed to reply to posts.
  • All newly registered members are required to validate their registrations by replying to the e-mail notification sent to them by Lakers Nation Forum Club after they have completed the Registration Form.
  • Duplicate e-mail addresses when registering are not allowed. Neither are members registering under several usernames.
  • When choosing a username, we ask members to limit the length of their names to a reasonable size of less than 20 characters (depending on the use of upper case letters and the underscore between them). If we feel that a members username is causing the forums to alter in any way, we will then ask that member to choose either a shorter version of the same name or choose a different username altogether and we will then change it for them. If the member in question either ignores our request to choose a different name or doesn't reply because of inactivity, we will then change the name ourselves to a shorter version of their current username and notify the member of such changes via e-mail.
  • Members are allowed to request a name change every six (6) months if they choose to. To request a name change, PM the Admins with details about your name change and with the new name. When giving us the new name, please make sure you type it exactly how you want it to be. Make sure this is the name you want because you will have only 24 hours to change your mind. After that, you will not be allowed to change it again for another six (6) months unless there was a spelling error on our part or you have a very good reason to have it changed.
Posting & Responsibilities
  • First of all, no disrespecting anybody on these boards, especially the Staff members. That includes newbie bashing, flamming and/or baiting. If anyone has a personal problem with a particular member/s, PM a Staff member first (if one is available) before making the issue worse and we will take appropriate actions (if any need to be taken). Again, do not intensify the issue by trying to take matters into your own hands. PM the Staff first, then we'll take it from there.
  • Stay on topic. This is a Global Rule here at Lakers Nation. This is done in order to keep things organized and easy to find, so try to stay on topic whenever you post and post in the proper Category/Forum/Topic.
  • Start Topics in the proper Forum. We at Lakers Nation Forum Club strongly encourage all our members to get involved and start topics they feel would bring in feedback. All we ask is that they start the topics in their appropriate Category/Forum. This is done to keep things organized and easy to find.
  • Absolutely no Posting of any Racism, Obscenity and excessive profanity of any kind aimed at a personal level towards any other members, (we especially don't tolerate this). Also no posting of pornography or any sort of adult sexual material. These are also Global Rules and apply throughout Lakers Nation Forums. That includes, in member Signatures (Sigs), Avatars, Personal Pics and in their profiles.
  • No spamming. Many members have the bad habit of spamming up the forums in order to increase their post count faster. Let me assure you that this behavior will not be tolerated here at Lakers Nation. If a member continues to violate this rule, the Admin will remove 2 post counts for every future spam reply we find from that member, no exceptions. After 3 warnings, the member in question will be suspended for a certain amount of time, depending on the level of the violation. Remember, you read it here and you were warned. So if you violate this rule, get your 3 warnings and get suspended, you have only yourself to blame. So basically, if you want respect, give respect and follow all Rules & Guidelines.
  • No advertising of any kind of self-promoting sites/forums are allowed anywhere on this site without explicit permission by the Admins. This is also considered another form of spamming and highly disrespectful to the Admins, Staff and members of these forums. There are correct and respectable ways to promote your website/s here. You can visit our Advertising Page or you can Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you. However, maliciously spamming up the forums with self-promoting ads is not one of them. We take this guideline/rule very seriously here at Lakers Nation Forum Club. Take note that the Forums are constantly being monitored (even when you see nobody logged in) and all self-promoting spammers will be caught and banned from the Forums. The only places members will be allowed to have any form of advertising link to their board or site is in their profiles where members can add their "Home Page". Any other forms of advertisements, including on Sigs, Avatars, Personal Pics, in post replies and through PM's are not allowed. All members violating this rule, will be banned immediately. However, links that redirect to your social network's homepage, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. are allowed to be displayed as part of your signatures or in your 'About Me' section of your profile.
  • Only three (3) video clips are allowed per post. This is done to decrease page loading time. If it's important that you need to post more than 3 video clips, post them in a new reply (double post).
  • Do not abuse the PM system by using it as a tool for advertising, threaten other members or to PM the Staff and/or Admin with questions concerning the use of the site. Please direct all questions and/or concerns dealing with the site in their appropriate Category/Forum/Topic of the site first. This is to assure that any other members with the similar problem will also get a chance to read the answer to the question if/when the answer is given.
  • Please be advised, that these boards are "Sports Message Boards" and you will encounter harsh and negative opinions and feedbacks from other members. Lakers Nation does allow such activity from all members of LN whether you are a Lakers fan or not, to an extent of course. However, the Admins and Mods of LN constantly monitor posts/forums that either members report or we find and we look for those that we feel are getting out of line. If we see such posts, then we notify those particular members and we issue them warnings and their posts that caused the problem will be deleted and their personal post count will be lowered, depending on how many of their posts were deleted. If they continue with their reckless activities, bans will then be issued. We will NOT, however, ban a member simply because they are not fans of the Lakers or because they bad-mouth the Lakers or a particular Laker player. That's not what Lakers Nation is about. Yes, we are a Lakers Forum, but we also welcome ALL sports fans to participate in our discussions and debates. Otherwise, there's no excitement and no thrill of the discussions. This is also a GLOBAL RULE and it is directed at ALL members, Lakers fans as well as non Lakers fans. Bottom line, debate and argue all you want, but be careful NOT to cross the line as to take it to the personal level with the intent to maliciously threaten and/or insult others and/or their families in a personal level. Leave family out of your debates/arguements. That is just disrespectful and uncalled for, no matter what the reason. Again, members found breaking these rules will be given a warning. If they continue with such activity, bans will then be issued.
Member Ranks
  • If the Forum Club feels someone will be a helpful addition to the Team, we will personally contact that member with the offer of joining the Team here at Lakers Nation Forum Club. At times, we will post announcements that we have positions available. During those times (and if the members feel they qualify for it) they're welcome to contact the specific person in charge of that specific group or an Administrator.
Sigs, Avatars, Personal Pics & Profiles
  • All member Sigs must not exceed 500 x 200 pixels in size. This is to avoid huge Sigs from being posted and expanding the width of the boards, slowing down loading time and to keep things simple and clean. Only two (2) Sigs are allowed per member, but the combined size of both Sigs must not exceed 500 x 200 pixels.
  • All member Avatars and Personal Pics must not exceed 120 x 120 pixels in size. If we find any members exceeding those maximum sizes, we will give that member a warning and 3 days to remove or change them, otherwise we will be forced to remove them ourselves. After 3 warning and/or if the members in question continue to violate these Rules & Guidelines, suspensions will be issued. If you wish for us to resize them for you, just mention it to us and we will gladly do it for you.
  • Please try to refrain from using huge animated video clips as your signatures. They tend to slow down page loads and quite frankly, are pretty annoying. Post your video clips or use them in your profiles or posts, but try not to use them as a Signature. A smaller animated member userbar type, similar to the one we offer our members for free found in one of our Announcement threads here are acceptable.
  • You may add up to only 3 YouTube (or other) video clips in your profile. If we find more than 3, we will ask those particular members to limit them to only 3. If those members refuse, then they will be removed by us.
Suspensions & Bans
  • The measure of suspensions are based on the level of the offense. Most likely, first suspensions last a week or so, which happens after 3 or more warnings are given to the member first (depends on level of violation). We would assume the member in question would understand and correct the violation after the 'first' warning, but after 3 or more warnings, the member will be suspended for a week.
  • During the suspension period, the members IP will be Banned. This is to prevent that member from trying to register under a different username. If after coming back from the first suspension, the member continues to violate the Rules & Guidelines and reaches the max on their warning bar, that member will be banned. Returns from a bans are not guaranteed. We do not consider this a harsh rule because if you consider the first few warnings, then the suspension, those are more than enough chances for the Staff, as well as the rest of the members of LN to tolerate that particular member's behavior.
  • When members are issued warnings by a Staff member, do not intensify the issue for yourselves and the Staff by posting your personal opinions of the warnings given out in the forums where everyone will read causing a stir among the rest of the members. Doing so will only make matters worse for the member in question. Instead, direct all your concerns and/or problems dealing with warnings, bans or other member issues through PM's or E-mails to the Staff and we will deal with the issue in greater detail there. We just want to run an enjoyable, friendly, yet challenging sports forum without the worry of running into people that only come here to disrespect, belittle and bait everyone else. It's those types of people that makes the other good members not want to come back. As mentioned before, we do not consider these Rules & Guidelines harsh, but fair for everyone. As long as we all respect, are considerate, debate with professionalism and are helpful to each other, then we should all have no problems getting along here.
  • These Rules & Guidelines may be modified and/or more may be added in time, so check back periodically to stay up to date, thanks and enjoy your stay here at Lakers Nation Forum Club...
LakersNation.com Disclaimer:
  • LakersNation.com is not associated in any way with the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA or the Los Angeles Lakers. We're just a forum for Passionate Laker Fans by Passionate Laker Fans.
  • All gfx, photos and articles that appear on Lakers Nation are copyrighted by their respective owners. Lakers Nation claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted by its owner. If you own the rights to any of the gfx, photos or articles and do not wish them to appear anywhere on this forum, please Contact Us and we will promptly have them removed.